Fighting an election costs quite a bit of money, especially when your opponents are Tories with large pockets!

We try to do as much as possible with minimal spend, but we just don't have the capability to print off thousands of leaflets in-house so we need to use businesses to print our leaflets and that costs us quite a bit. When you consider that there are over 12000 homes just in St Annes alone, you can see how quickly the finances become unaffordable for small party's like the Lib Dems who primarily rely on donations from the public.

So, in order to try and attain as much as a level playing field as possible, we would really appreciate your support in building our Election Fighting Fund by using the form below. 

If you would prefer to donate via cheque or bank transfer (which also saves us from a 1.4% web processing fee), then please e-mail us at [email protected]

Every donation helps, no matter how small, to allow us to take the fight to the Tories this May. Thank you!