Protect your Confidentiality - ACT NOW

Fylde parliamentary spokesperson, Mark Jewell, has expressed concerns with the government sharing our medical histories with commercial third parties.

"My concerns are not related to using this data to plan for and provision for our NHS and social care requirements. However, we need to better understand why they would be shared with commercial third parties, such as surveillance and US pharmaceutical companies. The government need to explain why medical records would be sold/shared with commercial third parties. Individuals could then make a more informed decision as to whether they want their records sharing.

"With a deep mistrust in the current government, people are seeking reassurance about how the NHS and other bodies might use their information".

The deadline for opting out has been extended to September 1st (although it is advisable to get the form to your GP at least a week before this date) and can be done by patients completing a form and giving it to their family doctor.

Details on how to opt out are provided at How to opt out | medConfidential

(Image courtesy of Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash)


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