Proportional Representation Petition

Proportional Representation is a system of voting whereby the number of votes a political party gets is proportional to the number of seats it gets. 

Does this happen at Westminster? Sadly, no.

Westminster uses the First Past The Post system which benefits large parties like Labour and the Tories, and punishes smaller parties like the Lib Dems, Greens, etc.

It also creates the bizarre situation where people "tactically vote" whereby they do not vote for their favourite party, but instead, vote for their least disliked party to deny their most disliked party getting into Government!

It really is about time we stopped this.

Please find below, therefore, a link to the UK Government Petition site where you can sign up to show your support for PR via a Petition that has been launched by Theo Morgan*. If the Petition gets to 10 000 signatures before the 6th September 2020, then it must be debated in Parliament by law.

Thank you so much for making the case for PR!

PS. If you want to find out more about Proportional Representation, and how it affects our democracy, then please have a look at the Make Votes Matter (TM)* website here:

* Please Note: Neither Theo Morgan or Make Votes Matter (TM) are not, to the best of our knowledge, in any way affiliated to, or endorse the policies of, the Liberal Democrats.

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