Standing with Fylde's Farmers

Fylde's Lib Dem spokesperson, Cllr Mark Jewell, has criticised the local MP and the government for reneging on manifesto promises made before the election in December 2019.

Fears have been raised as government promises for post-Brexit food and environmental standards have been removed from the Agriculture Bill.

Cllr Mark Jewell explained that during a husting at Lytham St Annes High School he asked Fylde’s MP, Mark Menzies, whether, post Brexit, he supported protecting our current food standards. In response Mark Menzies said our standards would be better and cited the French propensity for foie-gras.

In reality, Fylde’s MP has voted against protections of minimum food standards and safeguards for Britain’s farmers. Cllr Mark Jewell added, “In the event of no trade deal with the EU over the coming months this crucial omission to the Agriculture Bill will open the flood gates to cheap food imports into the UK from around the world. This food may not have been produced to the same standards consistently achieved by farmers across the Fylde.

This matters because Fylde's farmers would be undermined by cheap imports, whilst still trying to serve their biggest market within the EU.

Cllr Mark Jewell acknowledged that the government have since said, that they will establish a new Trade and Agriculture Commission. However, he commented, “This new body must be a watchdog with teeth that will prevent the Conservatives undermining Fylde's farmers, instead of being a lapdog that provides cover for the Tories to sell us out in future trade deals”.

Cllr Mark Jewell has signed the NFU’s ‘Food Standards Petition’ and Fylde residents can also sign it by visiting the Back British Farming website.


Cllr Mark Jewell is the Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Fylde and stood in the 2019 election. He is a Preston City Councillor representing the Fylde area of Cottam.
Contact details are: [email protected], 07758 151618

NFU’s Food Standards Petition


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