Travellers in Kilnhouse: An Update from Cllr Joanne Gardner

Dear Residents of Kilnhouse,

Karen and I thought we would just update you on the toings and froings with regards to the Travellers who decided to visit us recently.

We would like to thank those residents of Blackpool Road North and of Ramsgate Road for alerting us to their presence. It’s never nice when this happens, and immediately it did happen, Karen contacted the Chief Executive of Fylde Borough Council to make him aware of the encampment. Welfare Officers then visited the site, carried out an assessment and then issued an eviction order - this process can take up-to 4 days. Since then a different group of Irish Travellers have decided to move onto Ramsgate Road Park and set up there, again we immediately alerted Fylde Borough Council.

A number of issues have arisen with regards to these visits and Karen and I have been looking into them and raising them with the relevant people.

Firstly, the bollards on Blackpool Road North - these appear not to have been secure enough to restrain entrance to the fields - this issue is now being looked into.

Secondly, the issuing of eviction notices. Council officers do have to go through the same method to evict any travellers from a public space - that’s how things stand at the moment. Karen has spoken to the legal officer at Fylde and the courts are making it very difficult to obtain a district-wide injunction. 

Thirdly, the actions of Council Officers were speedy and fair. 

The latest news from Fylde Borough Council is that the court session will take place on Monday in relation to the Ramsgate Park eviction notice, so it could be Tuesday before the Travellers have left. 

So thank you for making us aware of this problem - hopefully you feel we acted swiftly and if you have any issues moving forward please let us know - you are our eyes and ears.

Karen and Joanne

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