Travellers in Kilnhouse Open Spaces

Dear Residents of Kilnhouse,

Kilnhouse Ward has recently seen two different sets of Travellers camping on two different sites: Blackpool Road North Playing Fields and Ramsgate Park.

We would like to thank all the residents for contacting us regarding their presence - you are our eyes and ears. We would also like to thank you for your suggestions and patience, it’s been refreshing to talk to you all.

On being told about both sets of Travellers (yes they were 2 different sets), we quickly contacted Fylde Borough Council with regards the encampments and on both occasions Chief Executive Allan Oldfield and his team acted swiftly to firstly visit the camps, secondly approach the courts for eviction orders and thirdly revisit the sites to clear up waste and debris. 

Karen and I are now in ongoing discussions with regards the securing and ongoing development of our open spaces. If you have any questions or suggestions with regards this please contact us:

[email protected]

[email protected]  

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