Proportional Representation Petition

10 July, 2020

Proportional Representation is a system of voting whereby the number of votes a political party gets is proportional to the number of seats it gets. Does this happen at Westminster? Sadly, no. Westminster uses the First Past The Post system which benefits large parties like Labour and the Tories.

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Fancy a Postal Vote?

06 July, 2020

Organising a Postal Vote for yourself is a brilliant way of supporting your local Fylde Lib Dems. Many people miss their chance of voting due to being on holiday, being ill, visiting relatives, or just being plain busy on voting day!

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COVID-19 Phone Bank

30 June, 2020

By far the biggest issue concerning our community now is, of course, COVID-19. As this dreadful pandemic continues to sweep across the UK, many people have tragically lost their lives, been extremely ill, lost loved ones, or not been there when their loved ones have needed them.

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