Stop Sewage Dumping

Did you know that in 2021 there were a staggering 1429 discharges of untreated sewage and storm water into the Fylde's river network, amounting to 7642 hours of discharge?

Conservative MPs - including Fylde MP Mark Menzies - voted against a new law which would have forced water companies to report on the number of animals killed by these kinds of sewage dumps. The Liberal Democrats have been leading calls for tougher action on sewage dumping - after toxic substances were detected in otters in rivers across England and Wales.

It is high time water companies stopped polluting our rivers and pay for the mess they have made. Sadly, the lack of action from Conservative MPs means the water companies are continuing to get away with it.

The Liberal Democrats will continue to campaign to end sewage dumping and are calling for a 16% sewage tax on the £2.2 billion annual profits of the water companies to improve our sewage system and protect the rivers of the Fylde and our coastline.