Parking on the Prom

Cllr Joanne Gardner had a tremendous response from the residents of Lytham St Annes for her call to reject Lancashire County Council's proposal for the introduction of parking charges on the Prom, and also collected over 350 signatures in just 8 days, which was absolutely fantastic!

The petition was sent to LCC on the 20th November 2020 and is now with the officer responsible for the proposal to be taken into consideration during the review.

At a meeting of LCC highways officials, it was reported that there had been “an unbelievable number of comments and feedback” to the parking proposals along St Annes Promenade, and that “nothing will be done in the immediate future” as they will need to spend a significant amount of time reading and assessing all the responses submitted.

The proposal is currently due to be decided upon at the LCC Cabinet meeting on Thursday 10th June at 2PM.

We will be keeping a close eye on proceedings, and will keep you informed of any developments!

New Social Media Channels

The Fylde Lib Dems have started up two new social media channels within Facebook.

First off, we now have a FaceBook Page where you can see not only messages from the National Party, but also messages from your local party on topics that you have told us that you are concerned about. You can check out our FaceBook page below, and if you like it, please give us a "Like"!

Fylde Lib Dems Facebook Page

Secondly, we have started up a Fylde Lib Dem Community Group on Facebook. This is a bit different from the Page described above as it is a Private Group for local members and friends of the Fylde Lib Dems who wish to virtually meet in a welcoming online environment to chat about local or national politics, raise issues that others may be interested in, or just to have a natter with likeminded people!

Since we started only a few weeks ago it has fostered many discussions on the issues of the day, safe in the knowledge that all discussions can only be seen by members of the Group who have all themselves agreed, on entry, to conduct themselves in accordance with the code of conduct of the Liberal Democrats to ensure it is a safe place to be. Please consider joining us via the Link below:

Fylde Lib Dems Community Facebook Group


Standing with Fylde's Farmers

Fylde's Lib Dem spokesperson, Cllr Mark Jewell, has criticised the local MP and the government for reneging on manifesto promises made before the election in December 2019.

Fears have been raised as government promises for post-Brexit food and environmental standards have been removed from the Agriculture Bill.

Cllr Mark Jewell explained that during a husting at Lytham St Annes High School he asked Fylde’s MP, Mark Menzies, whether, post Brexit, he supported protecting our current food standards. In response Mark Menzies said our standards would be better and cited the French propensity for foie-gras.

In reality, Fylde’s MP has voted against protections of minimum food standards and safeguards for Britain’s farmers. Cllr Mark Jewell added, “In the event of no trade deal with the EU over the coming months this crucial omission to the Agriculture Bill will open the flood gates to cheap food imports into the UK from around the world. This food may not have been produced to the same standards consistently achieved by farmers across the Fylde.

This matters because Fylde's farmers would be undermined by cheap imports, whilst still trying to serve their biggest market within the EU.

Cllr Mark Jewell acknowledged that the government have since said, that they will establish a new Trade and Agriculture Commission. However, he commented, “This new body must be a watchdog with teeth that will prevent the Conservatives undermining Fylde's farmers, instead of being a lapdog that provides cover for the Tories to sell us out in future trade deals”.

Cllr Mark Jewell has signed the NFU’s ‘Food Standards Petition’ and Fylde residents can also sign it by visiting the Back British Farming website.


Cllr Mark Jewell is the Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Fylde and stood in the 2019 election. He is a Preston City Councillor representing the Fylde area of Cottam.
Contact details are:, 07758 151618

NFU’s Food Standards Petition


Lib Dem Press Release: Climate Change

Stalled talks with EU threaten climate action, Liberal Democrats warn

The Liberal Democrats have called on the Government to join the EU Emission Trading Scheme as part of a package of policies to “build a green recovery and tackle the climate emergency.”

The proposal, agreed as part of the Green Recovery motion at the Party’s Autumn conference, come as talks between the EU and the UK on a free trade agreement failed to make progress with environmental standards cited as a major stumbling block.

Liberal Democrat Climate Action Spokesperson Sarah Olney has warned Conservative Ministers struggling to cut deals with the EU are “risking that recovery and abandoning the duty on all of us to tackle the climate emergency.”

The Liberal Democrats are arguing that the UK should open talks to secure post-Brexit entry to the EU Emissions Trading Scheme, the European Union’s climate change policy tool to help industries cut their CO2 emissions in a cost-effective way.

Other proposals agreed by the Liberal Democrats include a legally binding commitment to reduce emissions tied into coronavirus related support packages and major investment to encourage active travel through walking and cycling, which recent official figures show has stagnated.

Liberal Democrat Climate Action Spokesperson Sarah Olney:

As we look at how we create jobs and get our economy moving following the pandemic, the Government must take a climate-first approach.

With Conservative Ministers struggling to cut deals with the EU, they are risking that recovery and abandoning the duty on all of us to tackle the climate emergency.

People and the planet deserve better. Liberal Democrats are unequivocally clear that reducing emissions must be a cornerstone for both business and government.

That means radical action from investing in active travel to putting aside party politics and working with our closest international partners to build a green recovery and tackle the climate emergency.

St. Annes: Kilnhouse Travellers Update

Kilnhouse Ward in St. Annes has now seen 3 different sets of Travellers during the last few weeks. One group on Blackpool Road North Playing Fields and 2 groups on Ramsgate Park. Karen and I would like to thank all residents for their patience and for keeping us up to date and informed. We would also like to thank the many residents who have offered ideas and thoughts on what could be done to help secure the site and to stop further visits, we have and will continue to put these forward to Fylde Borough Council on your behalf.

On each occasion we have been in touch with Fylde Borough Council Chief Executive Allan Oldfield to alert him and his officers about the visits and the Council have acted speedily and fairly within the current law to evict them. However the visits have caused some anxiety and disruption to residents whose properties were close to the camps. We do not believe this is acceptable. 

We would like to update you about where we go from here.

The Council does have a proposal to secure both sites from future encampments, this proposal is awaiting approval. 

We have also asked for further clarification about the eviction process. We feel that Local Councils and the Police need more immediate powers and or financial support to evict Travellers. It appears that the Travellers are able to flout the laws because they know they can’t be evicted immediately. These laws need tightening and so we are going to contact Mark Menzies MP regarding this issue.

Moving forward we will continue to fight for the development of both these green spaces, so that Kilnhouse residents are able to enjoy what’s on their doorstep.

If you would like more details on any of the above or if you have any ideas you would like us to know about please do not hesitate to contact us via the "Contact" tag in the top navigation bar.

Karen Henshaw and Joanne Gardner

Your Kilnhouse Councillors

Blackpool Road North Playing Fields - Update

An Update on the Development Project at Blackpool Road North Playing Fields from your Liberal Democrat Councillors - Karen Henshaw and Joanne Gardner

Karen is a founder member and Vice Chairman of the Friends of Blackpool Road North Playing Fields (BRNPF) and Joanne is the Assistant Treasurer. They have both, together with other members, helped with planting bulbs and wild flowers. Karen has instigated meetings with residents to gather their opinions, and Joanne has helped collect questionnaires from those who regularly use the playing fields, both are absolutely committed to the development of the playing fields for the use of local residents.

They welcome the fact that Fylde Borough Council is now starting to improve this area.

Unfortunately the main drain, which runs the whole length of the Fields and runs under the playground, has collapsed in parts. It will be a complicated process to repair, involving many landowners, but Fylde Council officers are working hard to solve the problem.

The main user of the football pitches is St Anne's Football Club, which will be celebrating its 50 Year Anniversary in 2022.

Let's hope that this great local facility will be transformed by then.

If you wish to discuss this issue with your local Fylde Lib Dems team, then please contact us on this link:

*Image courtesy of Emilio Garcia on Unsplash

Fancy a Postal Vote?

Organising a Postal Vote for yourself is a brilliant way of supporting your local Fylde Lib Dems.

Many people miss their chance of voting due to being on holiday, being ill, visiting relatives, or just being plain busy on voting day!

By organising a Postal Vote, it means that you can cast your vote in advance of polling day, in your own time, and at your own pace.

And remember, you don't need to have a reason to have a Postal Vote, you just need to ask!

So, if you think a Postal Vote will suit you, then you can apply for one here:


You will need to be registered to vote first, but that's not a problem, as you can register here:


Why take the risk of not having your say in our democracy?

Register for a Postal Vote today!

For more information about the postal voting process, please have a look here:



Travellers in Kilnhouse Open Spaces

Dear Residents of Kilnhouse,

Kilnhouse Ward has recently seen two different sets of Travellers camping on two different sites: Blackpool Road North Playing Fields and Ramsgate Park.

We would like to thank all the residents for contacting us regarding their presence - you are our eyes and ears. We would also like to thank you for your suggestions and patience, it’s been refreshing to talk to you all.

On being told about both sets of Travellers (yes they were 2 different sets), we quickly contacted Fylde Borough Council with regards the encampments and on both occasions Chief Executive Allan Oldfield and his team acted swiftly to firstly visit the camps, secondly approach the courts for eviction orders and thirdly revisit the sites to clear up waste and debris. 

Karen and I are now in ongoing discussions with regards the securing and ongoing development of our open spaces. If you have any questions or suggestions with regards this please contact us:  

Travellers in Kilnhouse: An Update from Cllr Joanne Gardner

Dear Residents of Kilnhouse,

Karen and I thought we would just update you on the toings and froings with regards to the Travellers who decided to visit us recently.

We would like to thank those residents of Blackpool Road North and of Ramsgate Road for alerting us to their presence. It’s never nice when this happens, and immediately it did happen, Karen contacted the Chief Executive of Fylde Borough Council to make him aware of the encampment. Welfare Officers then visited the site, carried out an assessment and then issued an eviction order - this process can take up-to 4 days. Since then a different group of Irish Travellers have decided to move onto Ramsgate Road Park and set up there, again we immediately alerted Fylde Borough Council.

A number of issues have arisen with regards to these visits and Karen and I have been looking into them and raising them with the relevant people.

Firstly, the bollards on Blackpool Road North - these appear not to have been secure enough to restrain entrance to the fields - this issue is now being looked into.

Secondly, the issuing of eviction notices. Council officers do have to go through the same method to evict any travellers from a public space - that’s how things stand at the moment. Karen has spoken to the legal officer at Fylde and the courts are making it very difficult to obtain a district-wide injunction. 

Thirdly, the actions of Council Officers were speedy and fair. 

The latest news from Fylde Borough Council is that the court session will take place on Monday in relation to the Ramsgate Park eviction notice, so it could be Tuesday before the Travellers have left. 

So thank you for making us aware of this problem - hopefully you feel we acted swiftly and if you have any issues moving forward please let us know - you are our eyes and ears.

Karen and Joanne

Proportional Representation Petition

Proportional Representation is a system of voting whereby the number of votes a political party gets is proportional to the number of seats it gets. 

Does this happen at Westminster? Sadly, no.

Westminster uses the First Past The Post system which benefits large parties like Labour and the Tories, and punishes smaller parties like the Lib Dems, Greens, etc.

It also creates the bizarre situation where people "tactically vote" whereby they do not vote for their favourite party, but instead, vote for their least disliked party to deny their most disliked party getting into Government!

It really is about time we stopped this.

Please find below, therefore, a link to the UK Government Petition site where you can sign up to show your support for PR via a Petition that has been launched by Theo Morgan*. If the Petition gets to 10 000 signatures before the 6th September 2020, then it must be debated in Parliament by law.

Thank you so much for making the case for PR!

PS. If you want to find out more about Proportional Representation, and how it affects our democracy, then please have a look at the Make Votes Matter (TM)* website here:

* Please Note: Neither Theo Morgan or Make Votes Matter (TM) are not, to the best of our knowledge, in any way affiliated to, or endorse the policies of, the Liberal Democrats.

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