Cllr Joanne Gardner's Diary Autumn / Winter 2023

It was a wonderful honour to be chosen to represent the people of the newly formed Kilnhouse Ward, on both Fylde Borough Council and St Annes Town Council, in the May 2023 Local Elections. It has been a very busy time since then.

Fylde Borough Council

I received some excellent training from FBC, which has allowed me to ‘hit the ground running’ on the various Committees I was selected onto. I have also had some fantastic support from experienced Cllrs, in particular our own Cllr Karen Henshaw JP. and other members of the Independent and Lib Dem Group, which Cllr Henshaw and I decided to join, in order to best represent the Residents of Fylde.

I am on the Internal Scrutiny Committee, which monitors and improves the workings of the Council and aims to select important issues in our area eg. the use of Children’s Homes and the workings of the Planning Process, in order to examine and improve FBC’s approach to them.

I was also selected as a member of the Audit and Governance Committee, which keeps a close eye on the Financial and Operational aspects of the Council.

In addition I was chosen as the Shadow Lead for the Environment by the ‘Opposition Group’. This is a subject I care passionately about, and one I aim to help FBC develop for the benefit of all Fylde Residents in the years to come. I have already asked an in depth question at the Full Council Meeting in December, one which received a very detailed answer from the Council Leader and one which I aim to follow up on with the Environment Team at Fylde, with the help of other local experts.

St Anne’s Town Council

I was delighted to be re-elected onto St. Annes Town Council, and hope to carry on with the good work that takes place there.

I continue to be a member of the CAN (Community and Neighbourhood) team. This is such a wonderful group to be a part of, as we are able to do the joyous bits that the Town Council puts on. Organising and working at events such as the Music Festivals, Sounds in the Square/Sounds at the Palace, and the Christmas LIghts Swithch On, which includes one of my favourite things of the year - Santa Around Town. It’s so wonderful to meet and get to know many St. Anne’s residents of all ages, at these fantastic events.

I also continue to be a member of TEN (Town and Environment Network). This is the other excellent group which looks at improving public realm and generally tidying up the Town where it’s needed. This goup also put on the amazing Summer Activity Sessions for kids in Ashton Gardens and Hope Street Park, during the Summer. All these events are free of charge with the aim of bringing our town together to celebrate what is so good about living in St. Annes. Watch out for more initiatives in 2024.

I am also a member of the Policy and Resources Committe, which examines the Councils issues and recommendations before they go to Full Council.

I am also the Town Council’s representative for Blundell Road Allotments 

Meetings Diary 

June 2023

14/6 Sounds in the Square


15/6 Buddy Meeting

20/6 Internal Scruriny Committee

21/6 Sounds in the Square

Blundell Road Allotments Meeting

27/6 CAN Meeting

28/6 Sounds in the Square

July 2023

12/7 Sounds in the Square

17/7 Full Council - Fylde

18/7 Audit and Governance - Training

19/7 Sounds in the Square

19/7 TEN Meeting

20/7 Audit and Governance Meeting

25/7 CAN Meeting

28/7 Buddy Meeting

August 2023

1/8 Training General

2/8 Sounds in the Square

16/8 Sounds in the Square

22/8 Policy and Resources

23/8 Sounds in the Square

24/8 Planning Spotlight Meeting

25/8 Four Days of St Anne’s Music Festival

30/8 CAN and Sounds in the Square

September 2023

4/9 Blundell Road Allotments Meeting

5/9 Internal Scrutiny Meeting

6/9 Sounds in the Square

12/9 Full Council - St Annes Town Council

13/9 Sounds in the Square

18/9 Training FBC

20/9 Sounds in the Square and TEN Meeting

October 2023

2/10 Blundell Road Allotmements

Shadow Environment Briefing

Full Council = FBC

4/10 CAN and Sounds in the Square

10/10 Policy and Resources Meeting

11/11 Sounds in the Square

Planning Meeting

13/11 Windfarm Briefing from Morgan and Morecambe

20/11 Buddy Meeting

25/11 Shadow Environment Briefing

November 2023

1/11 CAN Meeting

8/11 Sounds at the Palace

TEN Meeting

14/11 Full Council - Town Council

21/11 Internal Scrutiny Meeting 

25/11 Christmas Lights Switch On and Santa Around Town

30/11 Audit and Governance Meeting

December 2023

4/12 Event Space Presentation

6/12 CAN

12/12 Policy and Resources

13/12 Sounds at the Palace

18/12 Full Council - FBC 

Case Work (some of which remain in progress)

Speeding Issues

Tree Issues

Helping Children with Autism

Housing and Homeless Issues

Road and Pothole Issues

Abandoned Vehicle Issue

Signage Issues

Sewage Issues

And many more...

So if you have a problem which needs resolving, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and I will do my very best to help you resolve it.

All that remains now is to wish you & your loved ones a Very Happy & Healthy 2024.


Cllr Joanne Gardner's Diary Spring / Summer 2023

The Spring period was a very hectic time with lots of projects coming to fruition on St. Anne’s Town Council and of course the Local Elections.

I was extremely proud to be re-elected onto St. Anne’s Town Council for the second time, and this time I finished top of the poll with a stomping majority, and I was also elected onto Fylde Borough Council for the first time.

So a massive thank you to all Kilnhouse residents who voted for me. I promise you I will always consider your views, during the next four years, and if I can help in anyway at all, whether you voted for me or not, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Both Councils are now up and running, so here is a breakdown of what I have been involved with so far:

Fylde Borough Council

Much of my time has been taken up with key training; partly about the running of the Council as a whole, partly about the role of a Borough Councillor and specifically regarding the Council Committees that I have been appointed onto. I can say that FBC put a lot of time and effort into this training and I have learned much from it.

I have been appointed onto 2 Committees: Internal Scrutiny and Audit and Governance, and of course I attend Full Council where key decisions are voted on. I even stood up in Chamber at my first Full Council meeting, to challenge a very contentious proposal, unfortunately we didn’t win that on this occasion.

I have to say that FBC have changed the Committee Systems for this term and in my opinion ‘the jury is out’ with relation to these changes. I will definitely keep you updated on how this works for Kilnhouse residents.

St Anne’s Town Council

I have once again been appointed to the CAN (Community and Neighbourhood) working group and also again onto T&EN (Town and Environment Network).

CAN has been busy with the Sounds in the Square, preparing for the Music Festival and working on this year’s Christmas events.

T&EN has been working on many projects, which will start to come to fruition, such as the unique picnic tables in various St. Anne’s parks and the Summer Activity Sessions in Hope Street Park. So glad that this beautiful park will get some much needed attention during the Summer.

I have also rejoined the Policy and Resources Committee, with the aim of guiding the Town Council’s overall priorities.

Other Matters

During the Local Elections and whilst out talking to residents, Cllr Karen Henshaw and myself were able to pick up on many issues, such as:

  • Street Lighting problems
  • Speeding issues
  • Elderly Crossing issues in various locations 
  • Areas which need ‘No Cold Calling’ signage
  • And many many issues regarding our roads and pavements

So far I have managed to get LCC to agree to some measures near Links View on Frobisher Drive and rest assured we are working behind the scenes with regards all the others. And of course Cllr Karen Henshaw and myself continue to push FBC regarding the old Shell Garage on Kilnhouse Lane and continue to press FBC regarding parking and further improvements to Blackpool Road North Playing Fields.

So I will leave it there for now, however please remember if you need any help with any issue please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Enjoy the rest of the Summer!

Cllr. Joanne Gardner's Diary Winter 2022/2023

The Summer Period of 2022 was a tricky time for me; tests, hospital visits and finally an operation, but I didn’t let that stop me getting involved as best as I could! Please read on for what I've been up to. 

Since my last update, I have attended the following St Anne’s Town Council meetings and events: 

  • St Annes Music Festival August 27th to 29th - What a success this was!
  • Sounds in the Square September 27th (two acts for the price of one). What a great addition this CAN (Community and Neighbourhood) event has been - Friendships made and so much fun had.
  • Blundell Road Alottments meeting October 5th - the final one before the winter set in.
  • Policy and Resources Meeting, Tuesday October 11th
  • CAN and TEN (Town Environment Network) Meetings October 12th - a busier day than normal.
  • Environment Presentations at Lytham Hall. 
  • CAN Meeting, November 9th
  • Multi Faith Event November 14th, what a lovely community get together this was, with representatives from many local groups and delicious food provided.
  • Full Council November 15th
  • TEN Meeting November 16th
  • Newly formed environment group in association with Lytham St. Annes Civic Society - our first brain storming get together.
  • November 26th - THE CHRISTMAS SWITCH ON and SANTA AROUND ST. ANNES - my favourite event of the year!

Residents made me aware of the following issues, which I have brought to the attention of the relevant Council Officers:

  • Drainage and flooding problems in various areas
  • The need for replacement signage
  • Overhanging branches
  • Speeding issues in various locations in Kilnhouse
  • Anti Social behaviour issues
  • Road repair issues
  • A broken play-area item at Blackpool Road North
  • The need for an improved bus service 
  • A damaged speeding sign 
  • The condition of the old petrol station continues to be an issue and one I am extremely keen to help to resolve.
  • Issues with speeding trucks and a damaged speed bump etc. on the new Queensway Estate

If you have an issue that you need resolving, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. I will always try my upmost to help resolve it.

As a member of the CAN, we have been very active once again. The Sounds in the Square initiative was extremely well received by many regular attendees, and many friendships were formed and lots of fun and dancing took place. The Music Festival in Ashton Gardens was a really successful event, with over 40 bands entertaining us throughout the late summer Bank Holiday. 

Litter picking was paused due to the dark nights, but watch out for this returning in Spring 2023.

As a member of the TEN group I am pleased to see the Wildflowers coming through on the Bridleways at the back of Heyhouses Lane. This group also has a number of other environmental improvement projects coming to fruition. In particular watch out for a number of picnic benches popping up in our St Annes parks. There are a number of other projects which aim to improve the look of our beautiful town. 


So I continue to represent all your interests on the Town Council and I look forward to giving you another update during the Spring.


Cllr Joanne Gardner's Diary Autumn 2022

This is my latest update and I hope to have more news soon!

I have attended the following St Anne’s Town Council meetings and events since my last update: 

  • Blundell Road Allotments
  • CAN (Community and Neighbourhood Group)
  • TEN (Town Environment Network)
  • Policy and Resources
  • Blundell Road Allotments
  • CAN (Community and Neighbourhood Group)
  • 100th Centenary Presentation of the Lytham St. Annes Charter Day
  • Sounds in the Square
  • TEN (Town Environment Network)
  • Litter picking in and around Wood Street
  • Blackpool Road North Project Team update meeting

Residents have made me aware of the following issues, which I have brought to the attention of the relevant Council Officers:

  • The decaying road surface on Kilnhouse Lane.
  • The need for a Pelican/Zebra Crossing on St Anne’s Road East.
  • The need for a 20 mile per hour speed sign on Blackpool Road North (Airport end)
  • Speeding issues across the Ward
  • Fly tipping
  • The removal of a crate from a property on St. Annes Road East
  • A number of uneven pavements

As a member of the TEN group I am pleased to see the Wildflowers coming through on the Bridleways at the back of Heyhouses Lane. This group also has a number of other environmental improvement projects coming to fruition. In particular watch out for a number of picnic benches popping up across St Annes!

As to the Blackpool Road North Playing Fields, myself and Cllr Karen Henshaw are overjoyed that the design of the Play Park has finally been agreed and the contractors are now building the elements that will constitute this major renovation which is long overdue.

I continue to represent all your interests on the Town Council and I look forward to giving you another update soon.